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Notices for the Week of August 29th – September 5th  

New/Updated Guidelines and Rules for In-Person Gatherings Please note that since Public Health has given new guidance, there are a few things we need to adhere to for our in person gatherings both for worship and fellowship and other kinds of meetings.  Bishop John came out with a pastoral letter to guide us in our parishes. We will continue with the following
1/ It is requested that masks be worn upon entry to the church and kept on for the entirety of the liturgy.
2/ Greeters/welcomers should wear masks.
3/ Anyone speaking or leading singing may remove their mask for this role.
4/ People should be encouraged to still distance from one another (unless from the same household) to help build confidence for those hesitant about returning to in-person worship.
5/ Prior to receiving Communion, individuals should sanitize their hands.
6/ A choir leading the music in worship is permitted. 
7/ Congregational singing is permitted.
8/It is no longer necessary to pre-register or collect contact tracing information for those attending worship. 
9/ Washrooms no longer need to be designated “for emergency only.”
10/ Social times before or after worship are permitted, however, please ensure that those handling food/beverages have sanitized their hands.  

We will also continue with the following:
- Communion is in one kind only (except for the priest), the bread/body of Christ. 
- At the time of exchanging the Peace of Christ, there must not be handshaking or hugs (except between members of the same household). Please nod or bow to one another.  
- At this time, the Offertory Plate will remain by the font.        

Bishop John in Reference to ‘Vaccination Passports’ Bishop John writes: ‘In terms of proof of vaccination, now referred to as a vaccination passport, this is not needed for worship. But it will be required for discretionary (e.g., social or non-essential) meetings taking place at our places of worship, effective October 24, 2021.’  Bishop John is currently seeking clarity on this from the PHO and will circulate more information on this as soon as it’s available.  

In Summary, Bishop John Asks…
1/ I am requesting the wearing of masks for all indoor worship and other gatherings.
2/ I am requesting that all who are able to be vaccinated get vaccinated.  
3/ I request that we all continue to pay attention to protocols that will help keep people safe, secure, and comfortable.  

Welcome Back Sunday – It is just 2 weeks to our annual fall reconvening, and we hope to see you on Sunday, September 12th at our 10am service for a huge welcome back.  The service will be followed by a potluck meal for us all.  Please get this into your calendar and plan to attend.  Please do bring your favourite dishes to share with others.  Everyone will be doing the same so it will be a great time of welcoming each other back and sharing in fellowship around a wonderful meal.  There will also be corn on the cob to enjoy which the parish is providing.    

The Last Sunday of our Rector – Our Rector, Steve is retiring and his last Sunday with us will be Sunday, September 26th.  A potluck luncheon will follow the Sunday service that day with the opportunity to say goodbye.    

Sunday School – will soon be up and running.  We will need a few people to help with teach on a rotation basis.  If you would like to offer yourself for the children’s ministry, please be in touch with Fil Sotana.  If you do not have her contact details, you can leave a message on the office phone or send an email to the office and it will be forwarded to Fil.      

The St. Helen’s Bottle Drive is alive and well! There are two ways you can support it.
1/ Bring your returnable bottles and cans in large clear or blue plastic bags to church with you on the last Sunday of each month.  If you have bags of bottles and aren’t ready to come back to church yet leave a message on the church office phone.  She will be contacted to arrange a pick them up from your home.
2/If you take bottles and cans into the depot you can simply go to the Express Kiosk, punch in 604 581 4800, you will see the name of St. Helen’s. Print as many labels as you have bags, pop them in the bin for Express returns and St. Helen’s will be credited. Easy Peasy!
PleaseNote - You are requested to not bring any returnable bottles and cans to the church during the week and leave them at the hall doors.  They create a mess and to others using the church hall it looks like bags of garbage have been left.  Thank you to Kelly and Les Foulds for continuing this.  

Safe Church – As you all know, the Diocese ensures that our parishes operate with a high degree of safety for all which includes ensuring that those who volunteer in certain areas of church life including serving on the parish council, working with children and vulnerable adults have a Criminal Records Check and that those who volunteer in  particular aspects of our church community have some training regarding how to recognize behaviours that put people (children or adults) at risk.  We need to update everyone at this time and those involved will be contacted and given letters to take to their local RCMP detachment to get a Criminal Records Check.  These are updated every 5 years and is a part of ensuring a loving, caring, safe, environment for everyone.  Anyone who volunteers with other organizations will be familiar with this process.  

Flowers for the Altar – Thank you to those who have contacted Heather Herd so far.  There are openings over the all the Sundays of fall and you are invited to contact Heather to donate the cost of flowers for a memorial or thanksgiving, or as an expression of gratitude to God for blessings. You may make your donation by cheque made out to St. Helen's Anglican Church and send it in the mail or leave it in the offering plate on a Sunday.  You may also make your donation using Interac e-Transfer.  The email address to transfer electronically is  Please indicate on your cheque or in the email that it is for the flowers.  

Cameras for the Church Grounds - CCTV Surveillance – We are presently getting quotes for equipment and installation.  There will be more information about this in the coming weeks.  Donations for this work are requested.  Thank you to those who have donated already toward this project.   Your donation to St. Helen's may be made by cheque or by electronic transfer.  Please earmark a cheque or the electronic transfer for the CCTV system. The email to contribute by etransfer is:     

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) PWRDF is seeking our support in a number of areas right now.  The immediate needs are for the people of Haiti and there will be an appeal for Afghanistan for priority support for food, blankets, tents, healthcare etc. organized.  PWRDF is continuing to give support to ‘The Territory of the People’ in and around the Lytton area.  It is also helping with funding for displaced people in Myanmar/Burma where many ‘Karen’ people are on the move to Thailand to avoid the military.  We at St. Helen’s know something of the plight of the Karen people from Father Gregory Lah and the Lah family.  PWRDF is also supporting people in India regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.  Hospital work in the Gaza strip, along with other international and domestic relief efforts are a major part of the work of the Primate’s Fund.  This is how our Anglican Church of Canada reaches out in aid to the world, working alongside other agencies here in Canada and with other outreach groups in other countries. To find out more about what PWRDF is doing go to their website: where you will find all kinds of info and updates on their programs.  Click on ‘Give Today’ to take you to the page where you can decide which particular effort you would like to support. Your giving can be done online or you can phone in your donation.  All the info needed to donate can be found on the website.  

Sunday Ministries and other Opportunities to Help – More of our congregation is returning for live-in-person worship which means we need people to step up to take on a Sunday ministry as more people become comfortable to return for in-person worship and other gatherings.  Reading a lesson, greeting at the door, helping with refreshment set-up as well as helping with the altar guild and flower arranging. If you would like to help out in any of these ways, the people to contact are:  John Palmer for reading and greeting.  Lynn Turner for helping with refreshments for the short term. Heather Herd for altar guild and flower arranging.  If you do not have contact info for John, Lynn, or Heather, please send an email to the parish office or leave a phone message.  Your name will be passed on to them.  We do not give out phone numbers or email addresses of individuals in the parish.  These can too easily be made public.     

Other Ministries – If you think there is some other ministry you might be able to step into which you would like to undertake, handle, or help with, please speak with one of the wardens, Lynn Turner, Rector’s Warden or Roy Francis, People’s Warden.    

Daily Prayer - Please join us weekdays Tuesday to Friday for Daily prayer livestreamed on our Facebook page.  This begins at 9:30am and can be watched anytime during the day if you are unable to join us right at that time.     Prayer

Requests to the Prayer Circle – please be in touch with Judy Nicholson who will receive and forward your prayer requests to the prayer circle.  If you do not have her contact details, please send an email to the office email address and it will be passed on to her for distribution.      

Take Good Care of Yourself!! -   In spite of cooler temperatures, it is still summer so please do remember to stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water. Stay in the cool.  Summer heat can be very overwhelming.  Sometimes we do not realize that we are overheated and simply collapse.  Please do not let that happen to you.   

Blessings, peace, and well-being for the week ahead.