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Notices for the Week of – April 1st – 7th  

Easter Blessings – A happy Easter day to everyone especially to those who are visiting us this morning.  We pray that our gathering today may be to God’s great glory and to our own spiritual nourishment.  Please do come over to the hall for refreshments and fellowship following the service  

Easter Letter and Offering Envelope – Please see that you receive your Easter letter and envelope today before leaving.  We invite you to use the envelope some time during the Easter season as a special offering of gratitude and joy for the continuing work of the church.  If you can take an letter for someone who is not here today, that would be very much appreciated.  

A Huge Thank You – A great deal of thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to clear the church grounds of all the winter debris and to those who came to decorate the church for Easter.  A special thank you goes to the Korean Presbyterian Church and to the Mar Thoma Church for the many members from those congregations who came along to help us.   

This Week at St. Helen’s
Tuesday – April 3rd Lunch Bunch Meets at 11:45am  Cost is $6
Saturday – Funeral for Art Hildebrant 11am                  
                Voice Recital – 4pm  

Forthcoming Memorial Services
Art Hildebrant - A memorial service will take place next Saturday, April 7th at 11am for Mr. Art Hildebrant.  Some of the congregation may know Art who lived in the area of St. Helen’s.  Please remember his wife Sandi and family in your prayers.  
Peter Young - The Memorial service for Pete Young will take place on Saturday, April 21st at 2pm here at St. Helen’s.  Please remember Carol, Michelle & Chad, and Jeanette & Mark and families in your prayers  
Frances Rebecca (Beckie) Reamsbottom – A memorial service for Beckie Reamsbottom is tentatively set for Saturday, May 5th at 2pm.   Some of you may remember Beckie who grew up here.  Beckie was a Hurford one of the early families of St. Helen’s.  

Readings for Next Sunday, April 7th  Easter 2
Acts 4:32–35;
Psalm 133;
1 John 1:1—2:2;
John 20:19–31  

Voice Recital - A Very Special Event – On Saturday, April 7th, St. Helen’s will host a Voice Recital showcasing students of Lambroula Pappas and Elizabeth Cushnie.  Our Music Director, Matthew Ma will be the accompanist.  Matthew already accompanies these students as they perform in music festivals and other musical productions. This event is intended to be an opportunity for these students to present their repertoire to an audience, to strengthen their presentation, and showcase their talent.  This is a small fundraiser for St. Helen’s in support of our own music program.  Entrance to this event is by donation.  The suggested donation is $10.  Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to invite your friends to come and enjoy the voices of these young talented singers.  

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Perfumes and Scents in the Church and Parish Hall We have all heard of the problems associated with breathing and the triggers that cause people real difficulties for breathing.  In the last year, a number of parishioners have approached the wardens and rector in reference to their own difficulty breathing.  The difficulty comes when members of the congregation, including both men and women, are wearing scents, colognes, and perfumes to church and other events in the parish hall.  For some people, the throat begins to close or constrict and breathing can become severely restricted.  This, of course, is quite serious, very scary, and can easily lead to a medical emergency.   It is important to understand that this has nothing to do with disliking a particular fragrance or scent.  The church council requests members of the congregation, of their own volition, to refrain from using perfumes, colognes, and scents so that others who are easily affected may breathe easy.  We hope everyone will be understanding of this.