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Sunday, February 14th - Last Sunday of Epiphany

This Sunday, February 14th
Our livestream service, beginning at 10 am, will focus on the Transfiguration of the Lord.
It is now just a few days before Ash Wednesday, February 17th. This Lent we will make a journey of prayerful reflection. Though apart physically, we will be together in our hearts and minds.
More than 200 Crosses painted on cloth were sent out to the homes of parishioners to use for Lenten reflections. The paint was made from ashes of burned palm crosses. These are gone now but you can download the image of the cross on the cloth and use it as a focus of prayer.  The reflection sheet is attached below.  You can use this as a guide for reflection and prayer.  
Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) Although we won't be having our Annual pancake supper this year at the parish hall, it doesn't mean you have to forgo the enjoyment of a pancake supper. Recipes and premixed packages abound, so why not make some for yourself at home. 
Ash Wednesday  - Please join us for Livestream services of Morning Prayer at 10am and Evening Prayer at 7pm this Wednesday, February 17th.  Service sheets for these services will be uploaded to this news page on Tuesday.
Lent Program - Please join us for any or all of what will be offered this Lenten season.
The days and times for these are listed below and are on offer in the form of a Zoom Meeting. Everyone is asked to register for these but anyone can come for the Wednesday conversation.
To register - Please email the office at:
Please state which of the programs for which you are registering.
Please state your preference for morning, evening or for either time slot.  The suggested starting times are 10am for morning slots and 7pm for evening slots.  Each session will last about 60 minutes.  (It would be best to be able to do each of these just once rather than twice so if you can zoom into either, please do let me know so we can bring everyone together at the same time on each day. 
The Various Topics Include: 
1/Movies as Windows of Human Experience - Taking the opportunity to watch and then reflect on movies that speak about faith, community, forgiveness, and restoration. (Thursday mornings and/or evenings)
2/ Life Balance - how do we balance our life at any time but especially during a pandemic.
(Wednesday afternoon or evening)
3/ Learning to pray and using prayer as a reflection of how we can live our life more intentionally - Giving a voice to our joys and our sorrows (Tuesday morning or evening)
4/ The Wednesday Conversation - will also continue as a 'coffee time' to gather to catch up with one another 
Details on all these will come out this week and will begin the week of February 21st
St. Helen's Annual Vestry Meeting 
Our 'AGM' will take place on Sunday, February 28th beginning at 12noon.  The start time will give us time to get ourselves set up and organized following our Sunday service.  The meeting will take place by zoom.  A link to join the meeting will be sent out by email to St. Helen's members during the week of February 21st.  It would be good if those who want to participate become familiar with zoom and perhaps even have a practice meeting or two with friends and family so that you don't any problems on the day of our meeting.  Information on how we will conduct the meeting will be sent out next week as well.  A package of annual reports will be sent out next week so that everyone has the opportunity to read through the reports and the financial statements.
Blessings for the week ahead.  Stay  safe and healthy.