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PWRDF appeal for the Ukraine

There are many ways to help support the people of Ukraine at this time. The Anglican Church of Canada is directing the majority of its funds through PWRDF (The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund).

The link below will take you directly to the PWRDF appeal for the Ukraine.  

Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 29nd March

Please pray for your new Parish Council as they meet for the first time since Vestry   

Interac e-Transfer

The email address to transfer electronically is: 

Please do not use the church email address to send your donations.  

Altar flowers during Lent

As many of you will know, Lent is a solemn and penitential season of the church. As part of the traditions of keeping Lent, the liturgical colour is purple, we don't use the word Alleluia in prayers or hymns, we don't sing or say the Gloria. This year Philippa is reintroducing the tradition of not having flowers at the altar. The purpose of these traditions is so that we notice a shift in our worship, a little more sombre and reflective. 

The decor and colour change allows for a much greater contrast with the joy and excitement of Easter Day.

If folks still want to make donations in memory of loved ones whose anniversaries fall during Lent, these contributions will be used towards the Easter flowers.  Any questions? Ask Philippa!