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JORDAN FOULDS MEMORIAL SERVICE: Jordan’s memorial service will be held at St Helen’s on Wednesday 13th July at 11.30am  


A big thank you to all who helped make the Strawberry tea a success. We raised just over $2,000 for the church funds.  


1st Prize of $250.00 Cash                                Janet Cormode

2nd Prize of $50.00 Keg Gift Card                 Helen Douglas

3rd Prize Hanging Basket                                Rev’d Philippa Segrave-Pride  

St. Helen’s had great support for this raffle with almost $1300.00 in sales, as well as, all prizes being donated.” 

TEXTILE COLLECTION: We are once again able to have another textile collection.

Below is the list of acceptable items for this event. Please adhere to this list, as it is difficult for the people in charge on our behalf to have to create a garbage pile because someone did not follow the rules.

Items may be brought to the Hall on both Friday evening, July 8 and before church on Sunday July 10. We will not be collecting textile during the Yard Sale on Saturday.  

Acceptable Items:

- Packaged in Bags

- Wearable, Gently Worn Clothing

- Usable Belts and Handbags

- Usable Household Textiles – Curtains, Towels, Bedding etc.

- Paired Usable Shoes

- Soft Toys  

Non-acceptable Items

- Wet, Moldy, Smelly Items

- Suitcases

- Hard children’s toys

- No Commercial Laundry Textiles, Textiles from Hotels, Hospitals etc.

- Bulk Promotional Clothing with sponsor logos, uniforms

- Sports Equipment, Ski Boots, Hockey Gloves, Skates, Hockey Bags

- Local Sports Team Uniform Bulk

- Oil or Painted covered items

- Fabric Scraps, Sewing Cuttings, Fabric Rolls, Fabric Sample Books

- Rags

- Mattress, Mattress Pads

- Paper and Cardboard items including puzzles, board games

- Furniture

- Electronics, CD, DVD

- Rugs

- Books

- Baby Boosters, Baby Bathtubs, Baby Strollers

- Upholstery 

FOODBANK DONATIONS: Once again we will be receiving donations for the Surrey foodbank.  Please leave your donations in the basket at the back of church. The following items have been requested.

Canned protein (fish & meat), Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, Meal-in-a-Tin Whole grain rice or legumes, Pasta & sauce, Healthy canned soup, Baby formula (Large Cans).

Please make sure that items are unopened and have not expired.  They also appreciate monetary donations via their website  

PRAYER REQUESTS TO THE PRAYER CIRCLE – please be in touch with Judy Nicholson who will receive and forward your prayer requests to the prayer circle.  If you do not have her contact details, please send an email to the office email address and it will be passed on to her for distribution.  

ALTAR FLOWERS – Please consider providing for the flowers placed on the Altar to the glory of God, in celebration, in thanksgiving, or in memory of loved ones.  The cost is usually in the $40 - $50 range. Contact Heather Herd for details.  You may make your donation by cheque made out to St. Helen's Anglican Church and send it in the mail or leave it in the offering plate on a Sunday or by Interac e-Transfer. The email address to transfer electronically is: