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Sunday, June 27th

In-person worship and livestream of our 10am Eucharist for the 5th Sunday of Pentecost
We have a full complement of parishioners registered to come and we will be following the protocols as usual.  For those who are coming tomorrow, PLEASE BRING WATER WITH YOU TO STAY HYDRATED!

Take Care during this Heat Wave! We hope everyone is well and taking care of their hydration and doing what you can to stay cool during this heat wave.  It is very easy to fall victim to the heat.  Watch out for each other and check in on each other.

Registering to Attend for Sunday Gatherings is Still if Effect - If you would like to come on any  Sunday (while restrictions are still in place), we ask that you pre-register by sending an email to the office or by leaving a phone message on the office voice mail. Please say who you are, who may be coming with you and a contact number or email so that we can confirm your registration.  Once we reach our limit, we will have to say no to you but we can put you at the top of the list for the next week.  We hope that this limitation to small numbers of people attending will become less restrictive over the next few weeks.  You can email the office at:  or telephone 604-581-4800 and leave a message.

Covid Protocols
1/ If you are feeling unwell, please stay home
2/ Masks must be worn inside the church for the duration
3/ Social distance of at least 6 feet needs to be maintained at all times
4/ Hand sanitization is important.  There will be a number of hand sanitization stations around the church available
5/ There cannot be any congregational singing.  Only one person may sing at a time.
6/ Readers and others participating in the service may remove their mask at the microphone and put it back on as they go back to their seat
7/ a)Those coming forward for communion must come up the side aisles to the front then enter the chancel.       
b) You must continue to wear your mask as you come up.       
c) Please use the hand sanitizer as you come forward for communion.       
d) After receiving the bread in your hands you should exit the sanctuary in the usual manner through the Lady Chapel or through the vestry.       
e) Once you have returned to your seat you may remove your mask to eat the bread.       
f) Please replace your mask once again.
8/ The washrooms in the upper hall are the only ones designated to be used at this time.
9/ The diocese has given guidance that there should be no socializing before or after the service. 
So at this time, and for the next while, there will not be a Social Hour. 
We hope, and expect that this will change in the next few weeks.

Notices for the Week of June 27th
Sunday Eucharist June 27th at 10am - In-Person and Live Stream

Thanks to the Groundskeeping Party – Thank you to everyone who came out to work on the cemetery grounds last Saturday, June 19th.  A lot of progress was made and quite a few people were able to clearly see what it is we have to do regarding the work to be done over the summer. 

Parish Council Meeting - the parish council will meet by zoom, tomorrow Sunday, June 27th.  We will meet by Zoom at 12noon and can expect this to be a short meeting of about 30 minutes to catch up on where we are on a number of issues.  The council will get the zoom coordinates in a separate email.  Those members of council who are attending the service in the morning will have time to get home again after the service.

Baptisms Taking Place – Baptisms are taking place on Saturdays over the summer to accommodate the number of people who like to attend as family and friends.  If you, your child, or a member of your family, would like to be baptized, please be in touch with me at your convenience.  We can accommodate a different day if you wish and the time of day can be negotiated as well.  Please contact the church office by email or phone. On a Sunday in September, when we hope for restrictions to be mostly lifted, we will have a celebrational gathering of those who were baptized.

Daily Prayer Tuesday to Friday at 9:30am – Please join us for this time of reflection and bringing our prayers before God livestreamed on our Facebook Page.  Although the prayer is ‘live’ in the morning, you can participate in it at any time of the day, even the evening, whenever it suits your own schedule.  

The Wednesday Conversation has been suspended for the summer.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the conversations.