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Sunday, July 11th - Pentecost 7

Please join us in person or by livestream this Sunday, July 11th for a service of the Holy Eucharist.
The service begins at 10am.
We will be allowed congregational singing and we will have an opportunity to have a social time and conversations after the service.  There is no need to pre-register but masks are still strongly suggested.  Please do wear a mask as you enter the church building.  More information can be found below.

My Retirement – Most, if not everyone by now, will have heard me announce or heard that I did announce that I would be retiring as the Rector of St. Helen’s, Surrey in the early autumn.  This also means I will give up the position as Regional Dean of Peace Arch and Chair of the Christ Church Cemetery Committee in Cloverdale.  My last Sunday at St. Helen’s will be on September 26th.  Jos and I have been with this wonderful community of people for seven years and we have experienced a welcoming, loving community in so many ways. Even though I am sorry to be leaving, I know it is time to do so.  The future looks exciting for St. Helen’s with new possibilities.  I am sure that God’s Holy Spirit will guide both the canonical committee and the whole parish to new challenges in the life of the church community and supply the people and resources to accomplish the continuing work of bringing in the Kingdom of God. 

Here is the current Guidance from the Diocesan Covid Committee:
1.  It is strongly encouraged that masks be worn upon entry to the church and kept on for the entirety of the liturgy. 
2. Greeters/welcomers should wear masks. 
3. Anyone speaking or leading singing can remove their mask for this role. 
4. People should be encouraged to still distance from one another (unless from the same household) to help build confidence for those hesitant about returning to in-person worship. 
5. Prior to receiving Communion, individuals should sanitize their hands.
6. A choir leading the music in worship is permitted.  
7. Congregational singing is permitted.
8. It is no longer necessary to pre-register or collect contact tracing information for those attending worship.
9. Washrooms no longer need to be designated “for emergency only."
10. Social times before or after worship are permitted, however, please ensure that those handling food/beverages have sanitized their hands. 

This Sunday - For the last few weeks we have been reflecting on the relationship of settler people and First nations People. We will continue with spiritual reflection on justice, oppression and complicity through our actions or lack of action. Many of us may think there is simply too much to face especially in this time of pandemic, extreme heat, raging wild fires, and the recovery of the lost children of First Nations as well wider issues of global warming, destruction of wildlife and fish habitats as well as the damage done to the oceans and the environment.  If we consider it all in a way we can understand in order to take action, we all may be able to find ways to contribute to restoration, peace, and reconciliation. Everyone has a hand in bringing wholeness to our relationships, our communities, our environment and the world.  It need not be huge contributions.  All the little things put together can bring the overwhelming change we want and need.

Baptisms Taking Place – Baptisms are taking place on Saturdays over the summer to accommodate the number of people who like to attend as family and friends.  If you, your child, or a member of your family, would like to be baptized, please be in touch with me at your convenience.  We can accommodate a different day if you wish,  The time of day can be negotiated as well.  Please contact the church office by email or phone. On a Sunday, September 12th, we expect to welcome the newly baptized at our Welcome Back Sunday for a celebrational gathering of those who were baptized.

Welcome Back Sunday - will take place on Sunday, September 12th at our 10am service.  We are hoping to gather with a potluck luncheon and corn roast.  The parish will provide the corn.  So please get this into your calendars.

Daily Prayer Tuesday to Friday at 9:30am – Please join us for this time of reflection and bringing our prayers before God livestreamed on our Facebook Page.  Although the prayer is ‘live’ in the morning, you can participate in it at any time of the day, even the evening, whenever it suits your own schedule. 

Blessings for the week ahead.  Stay safe and well.  Enjoy the summer