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Sunday, May 2nd - The 5th Sunday of Easter

Please join us this Sunday, May 2nd at 10am for our livestream service of the Holy Eucharist for the 5th Sunday of Easter. We continue to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and welcome one and all to be grafted into our community especially as we reflect on Jesus as the Vine and we the branches. As we are grafted into Christ, so the life of Christ streams through each of us and binds us one to the other. Together we produce wonderful fruit.

The Sunday Eucharist -  The service sheet for tomorrow’s service is attached below.  It is the first Sunday of the month so we will have our Birthday and Anniversary candle lighting.  Blessings to all those who will be celebrating during the month of May.  Even though it is for us the 5th Sunday in the Easter season, it is Easter Day tomorrow for our brothers and sisters in the Orthodox Church.  We pray for a great Easter celebration for those who follow the Orthodox calendar.  

Groundskeeping - If you would like to do a bit of gardening at the church or help with caring for the cemetery, please be in touch with Jane Denton who is coordinating the grounds keeping.  You can email the church office or leave a phone message.  These will be forwarded to Jane. The grass cutting and trimming is being done by Leo on a regular basis so we can have consistency for this aspect of the groundskeeping.  Please note, if you are passing the church and notice that the grass in front of the rectory looks rather long, we have been asked to let it grow for a while by students from the Vancouver Film School who will be doing a short film production using the rectory from about May 6th to 8th.  That area of the lawn will be cut after that.  There is not much of a financial benefit to St. Helen’s but we hope that St. Helen’s will be remembered by these students when they launch into their careers and are looking for a great church as a film location.  It is a great way to build good will.  

Daily Prayer – takes place each morning from Tuesday to Friday at 9:30am as a livestream service on our Facebook page.  It’s a great way to start the day by centering ourselves on the Holy One, reflecting on God’s Word and seeking guidance for the day.  Many join at 9:30 and others take it in at other times of the day, including the evening as a way to finish the day.   

Financial Offerings – Please remember St. Helen’s in your financial offerings.  We do not have any opportunity for fundraisers at the moment.  If you are sending in your offering through the post or putting it through the door of the lower hall yourself, please remember to not put cash in the envelope.  It is too easy for cash to go missing.  Please write a cheque or make your donation online using Interac etransfer.  The email address to use for etransfer is: [email protected]  

Parish Council Meeting – The parish council will meet this week by Zoom.  We are expecting the meeting to take place next Saturday, May 8th beginning at 10am.  The zoom link, the agenda and other documents will be sent out to the members of the council by Wednesday this week.  

The Wednesday Coffee Hour and Conversation – You are welcome to join our Zoom gathering this Wednesday from about 10am for a chat and catch up with one another.  Lots of laughter and stories to share and everyone is welcome.  Here is the link which will take you to the gathering.
Topic: The Wednesday Conversation
Time: May 5, 2021 10:00 AM Vancouver
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Have a safe and blessed week!