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The First Sunday of Lent - February 21st

Please join us this Sunday at 10am for our Livestream service for the First Sunday of Lent. We are making our Lenten Journey of the spirit. Who says you can't go anywhere. The Spirit will guide us all where we can be present to the Holy One for nurture, encouragement, healing, forgiveness, and restoration.  The service sheet to participate in the service is attached below

Annual Vestry Meeting of the parish of St. Helen, Surrey, takes place next Sunday, February 28th, following the 10am service.  We expect the meeting to start around 12noon.  The meeting will be conducted as a Zoom meeting and you must register to attend.  Please see the Bells newsletter for more information about the meeting and how to register.

'The Bells of St. Helen's Newsletter' Also attached is our Lenten edition of 'The Bells' Newsletter.  In this edition there is all kinds of information about our Annual Vestry Meeting to take place next Sunday following the morning service.  In addition there is information about all the program and opportunities for prayer on offer during the Lenten season.  

Prayer Continues during Lent! The prayer opportunities include Morning prayer from Tuesday to Fridays at 9:30am and Compline on Wednesday evenings.  The times of prayer will be by livestream on our Facebook page.

Lenten Programs
The Lenten programs will all be done by using Zoom as our gathering tool.  The programs include:
Five Sessions on Prayer on Tuesdays
Five Sessions on Life Balance on Wednesdays
Five movies with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and restoration on Thursdays. 
You need to register for each of these
Information on all of these is in 'The Bells' newsletter which is attached below.