Stephen Laskey
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Special Update (Saturday, August 22nd)
Our In-Person worship is suspended for two weeks.  We will livestream our Sunday service for August 23rd on our Facebook page beginning at 10am.  Please do join us

The Link to the service may be found below.

Please find below, links that will take you to the documents regarding our reopening protocols for attending
In-Person worship.

Please remember that you will need to register each week in order to attend.  The size of our gatherings is limited to 50 people.  Last Sunday we had 28 people in attendance and there were no difficulties in maintaining our distance from one another as we were bound together in the love of God and shared in the Eucharist.

To register please email or telephone the church office.
Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 604-581-4800

If you are able to join us in person we would love to see you.  We will still be livestreaming the service every Sunday.

Some of us are planning to stay on the church grounds for a short time after the service. This is not a coffee hour but an opportunity to sit and be a part of the grounds and, remaining socially distanced, to have a conversation of two; a sort of driveway visit. If you wish to stay for a short time, please do bring a lawn chair with you.