Stephen Laskey
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Our Livestream services continue this Sunday

Sunday, August 30th, please join us for our livestream service at 10am.
Jesus says, 'Take up your cross'.
The cross in the image now hangs in the Basilica of St. Ciara (St. Clare), in Assisi, Italy. It is the cross that spoke to St. Francis of Assisi and inspired Francis to rebuild the Church of Christ. Does the cross of Jesus speak into your heart? Is it a whisper? Does it call your name to get your attention? What does it mean to you to take up your cross and follow Jesus?  Please join us for this virtual gathering.

The service sheet to follow and particpate in the service may be downloaded by clicking the link below.

If you have not been able to join us for the livestream, you will still be able to view the service.  Once the service has concluded, there will be a link added to this page to take you to the service on our Facebook page.

A recording of the livestream is linked below.  We had some problems with internet connection this morning.  Once we got the connection sorted we were part way through so the video picks the service up part way through the first reading. As this was Jonathan Pinkney's last Sunday with us we are fortunate to have his sermon which is about expressing his appreciation for being at St. Helen's for the last 3 years, about the pain and suffering of our times and on taking up our cross.  God bless you Jonathan where God's Spirit leads you.  We will update everyone about Jonathan's new appointment when it is officially announced.