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Welcome to The Prayer Weaver area of St. Helen's website.  Prayer has often been found to be a living, breathing and endless weave of many strands.  We bring all these strands before the One who weaves us into wholeness and clothes us with a garment that has no equal.  Over our life’s journey there will be rips and tears that need mending. 

Prayer is an expression of balm to soothe and mend our wounds and sorrows as God envelops us in love.  Prayer also expresses joy and opens us to the fullness of the joy of God’s presence and the mystery of creativity that leads to abundant life. Prayer then, is very much a part of weaving lives together in all kinds of relationships from friendship to love to community and with God.

How each person prays is as individual as the clothes we wear.  But there will also be times when we notice that others pray similarly to ourselves and our prayers together will be seamlessly woven as one. This area is dedicated to helping people see how God takes all the moments of our daily life and weaves these many strands to create a tapestry of life; a source of inspiration and blessing for our journey.