Take This Heart

Holy Father, this heart is often troubled and restless.
Remold it with your loving hands
and keep me mindful of your glorious kingdom
which, by grace alone, will be my portion.

Holy Jesus, this heart is often dark and thorny.
Imprint upon it your holy cross
and keep me mindful of your precious life poured out
which, by grace alone,
has redeemed me for your kingdom.

Holy Spirit, this heart is often hungry, often yearning.
Feed it with the bread of life
and keep me mindful of that heavenly food
that grows the spiritual fruit
and keeps me in the light of the kingdom.

Holy Trinity, this heart is neither humble nor grateful enough
to offer for your service.
Yet, accept it in its weakness,
And through your eternal presence,
use it as a means of blessing and peace
for your children for the sake of your kingdom.

© Stephen Laskey 2013