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Poetry is a beautiful gift bestowed upon humanity that allows us to contemplate and express the near inexpressible. Poetry is the language of the soul and flows from the soul in every language.  But language conveys only a portion of what the soul wishes to speak so it demands reflection and contemplation.  Poetry then, needs to be open ended to allow for a greater depth of creative reflection and dialogue for clarity. Even if a poem is straight forward like a great vista for all to see, there are hidden paths and crevices still there for the more adventurous explorer of the soul to walk.  Each time we walk a path we can see it anew.  This can open our life to the even deeper insights the soul and God may have for us.

Poetry helps me to think, to reflect, and to pray as it opens the doors of my heart, of my soul, and of my mind.  The poems I write are always evolving.  This means that any poems I do write are never finished.  Every time I read something I have written, I find myself rewriting and rewording, even changing punctuation. The poem is a snapshot of where I have been on my journey.  How I revise it is an expression of where I find myself now.  What it will be, will be revealed.  It would surprise me, and perhaps disappoint me, if it didn’t evolve.  So the poetry you find on this website are only moments in time that will evolve.  Those who are farther on the journey may recognize where I am because they have already been to these places themselves while others may see a new direction they may like to try.

Perhaps poetry may do for you what it has done and continues to do for me.