Making use of a spiritual loom I am one making my way through this world, breathing, living, learning, walking alongside some and sitting with others.  I am fascinated by the outcome of the weave and pattern of conversation and prayer; alone or with others.  It can be quite unpredictable.  Some of this is work and some is vocation.  I enjoy listening to others as they describe their understanding of the journey they are making.  I write a bit and think a lot.  I live within.  The light of Christ is there.  But I do enjoy coming out for a walkabout and sharing in the varying hues of light I see in others.  Some of it is dark.  Some of it is bright.  I love a lot of people and am finding my way to love others.  I connect best through the sharing of prayer; the sharing of the heart.  Though I live within, I have to talk it out or write it out to get the deeper sense of the inner experience but words are  often not enough to describe the fullness.  So I talk a bit, write a bit and pray often. I also play a bit and sing a lot.  I cycle quietly and steadily.  I swim slowly and steadily.  But for the time being I mostly walk.  I do that steadily too.   I try to look at everything with eyes of joyful expectation. I try to follow Jesus with the attitude of St. Francis of Assisi.   I have probably lived more than half my life now.  But perhaps I might be wrong about that.