In Bethlehem this Night

In Bethlehem This Night Go to Him the angel said; up to town to a stable shed. Cross the threshold. Enter the presence. Find what you seek. Hope unfading, The peaceful still-point, the surprise of Joy, wrapped in deepest love. Bring all that you are. Bring all that you have. This is the moment; God’s moment Christ... Read More


A Harvest of Prayer

Harvest time has a way of turning my thoughts toward all the prayers that have been sown many times, over many years. So many people, with their own patch, have over many seasons of prayer, planted and tended their prayers to bear fruit.  Over time, as the focus of my prayer has changed, the garden where those... Read More


Creative Weave 1 Where do we serve and how do we serve?  A friend who has been involved in prison work and in particular the plight of young people in the prison system once made a simple comment about her work which sent my mind and imagination soaring to places about healing the fabric of our lives and the... Read More


Poetry for Spiritual Reflection

Poetry is a beautiful gift bestowed upon humanity that allows us to contemplate and express the near inexpressible. Poetry is the language of the soul and flows from the soul in every language.  But language conveys only a portion of what the soul wishes to speak so it demands reflection and contemplation.  Poetry... Read More

Take this Heart

Take This Heart Holy Father, this heart is often troubled and restless. Remold it with your loving hands and keep me mindful of your glorious kingdom which, by grace alone, will be my portion. Holy Jesus, this heart is often dark and thorny. Imprint upon it your holy cross and keep me mindful of your precious life... Read More



There for those who have eyes to see... I sought you. How did I miss you? I step toward the future in search of you. I never arrive. And now, here you are; right here in the present. When did you get here?... What?  Right here...Always?... Never left?... Well, where was I, or am, or will be? Oh yes ... In the palm... Read More


Prayer: Place, Atmosphere, Context

Prayer: Place, Atmosphere, Context After a long winter, spring is arriving and my mind turns to fields of wild flowers.  As I walk through the field I am mesmerized by the variety of flowers.  There are large blooms and small blooms.  Some are tall; others not so tall, and more uniform in height.  When a light... Read More


Welcome to the Prayer Weaver

Welcome to The Prayer Weaver area of St. Helen's website.  Prayer has often been found to be a living, breathing and endless weave of many strands.  We bring all these strands before the One who weaves us into wholeness and clothes us with a garment that has no equal.  Over our life’s journey there will be rips... Read More

About the Weaver

Making use of a spiritual loom I am one making my way through this world, breathing, living, learning, walking alongside some and sitting with others.  I am fascinated by the outcome of the weave and pattern of conversation and prayer; alone or with others.  It can be quite unpredictable.  Some of this is work and... Read More

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